Children’s Art Contest

The Children’s Holiday Art Contest benefits art education in local schools. Portland/Vancouver metro area elementary school classes (grades 3-5) are asked to paint a greeting card mural. This year, the entries will be displayed onsite at Winter Wonderland AND online where visitors can vote to select their top entry. The school receiving the most votes will receive a cash prize for their efforts! Your school’s success is impacted by your efforts to spread awareness about the contest and encourage parents and families to vote online!

2018 art contest are currently submitting their entries!

Voting will take place once entries are submitted!

For questions please contact:

The children’s creativity is rewarded with grant money based on the number of votes received. Our only request is that the funds are spent on art related supplies, projects, or field trips. The Sunshine Division provides prize money to the winning schools.

2018 Participating Schools

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School: Hockinson Heights Elementary
Teacher: Nancy O’Neill-Bratt/Anna Hoffman
Grade: 5th Grade
Piece Name: “Hockinson Holiday Happiness”

School: Felida Elementary
Teacher: Bobbi Maunu
Grade: 5th Grade
Piece Name:

School: John McLoughlin Elementary
Teacher: Dorothy Berry
Grade: 3rd Grade
Piece Name:

School: Gaffney Lane Elementary
Teacher: Amy Rinehart
Grade: 4th Grade
Piece Name:

School: Gaffney Lane Elementary
Teacher: Julie Lee-Barr
Grade: 3rd – 5th Grade
Piece Name:

School: Hockson Heights Elementary
Teacher: Sonja Einerson/Renee Fern
Grade: 4th Grade
Piece Name: “Christmas Town”

School: Pioneer Elementary
Teacher: Ally Ryoppy
Grade: 5th Grade
Piece Name:

School: Pioneer Elementary
Teacher: Vickie McHugh
Grade: 4th Grade
Piece Name: